I’m working on a new project, a local online photo-journalism magazine for the Lane County area, called SeenEugene. It will be a weekly publication that has as few words as possible. I am hoping to launch by August of 2010. It will be very interactive and will feature local artists, events, destinations, stores, non-profit events and other local items not covered enough visually by traditional mediums such as the radio, tv and most of all Newspapers.

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What is Mink Ink?

I’ve been researching and deciding just that. No, I’m not a tattoo artist. I’m not animal killer. I do save fur from the landfill though. I am a graphic designer for over 20 years. My maiden name is Stole. I’d like to write about my experiences as a veteran designer working in new media. So… Mink Stole becomes Mink Ink.

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